Wreath Flowers Photo Gallery

Wreath Flowers Photo Gallery

In August of 2015, we decided to go and find the wreath flowers that bloom at this time of the year. We traveled to Dongara and made this our base for the next three days.

Each day we would head out in a different direction to see as many wreath flowers we could find. Other wildflowers are also prolific in this region at this time of the year.

On the first day, we went to Coalseam National Park to see the everlastings. When we arrived and went to the high point where we were a few years before. Unfortunately, we were disappointed as there were almost no everlastings to be seen. So we back tracked a short distance and turned into the road that leads to Miners Camp. This time we were certainly not disappointed as the everlastings were prolific.

The everlastings in this area were magnificent. There were plenty of other sightseers there taking in the beautiful display of wild flowers. We spent most of the day here just taking in the sights before returning to Dongara for the night.

Wreath Flowers at Pindar

The following day we traveled to Mullewa where the wreath flowers have been reported as being in bloom. We went past Mullewa to a small siding called Pindar. Then a further 10 Kms north on a well maintained gravel road. This is where we came across an amazing collection of wreath flowers.

We knew we had arrived by all the camper vans and caravans parked on the side of the road. People were all along the road taking photos. The wreath flowers were only growing along about a half kilometer of the road but there were lots of them. This made the trip very worth while.

How these amazing flowers grow on the side of the road where the road graders work is incredible. We walked a short distance into the surrounding bush, but there were not any flowers there. They were only growing on the verge of the road.

It is very obvious where these plants get their names from, they look just like a wreath with flowers. Around the perimeter of the plant were colorful flowers with just green foliage in the middle.

After spending some time here admiring the wreath flowers we returned to Dongara for the night before setting off in the morning to return home.

Other places

We heard about some more wreath flowers near Mingenew so we decided to go the long way home. It was amazing to see where these flowers that were growing in an old gravel pit. The native bush had been cleared and the wreath flowers were growing in the gravel. We could not see any flowers in the surrounding bush. So again these plants are growing in very hostile areas, amazing to see.

We had three good days in the wild flower areas from Mullewa through to Mingenew. We can recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in seeing the beauty of Western Australia’s wild flowers.

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