Wonnerup Homestead Photo Gallery

Wonnerup Homestead near Busselton in Western Australia

Wonnerup House is a heritage listed farm.The original house was built in 1837 by George Layman Sr. and was destroyed by fire in 1858. The diary and kitchen were separate from the house and therefore survived the fire. The current house was built 1 year later in 1859.

The blacksmith shop and stables were added at a later time. The school was built in 1873 on land that was donated near Wonnerup House. The teacher’s residence was added in 1885.

The homestead is close to Busselton so it is easy to access. If you are interested in local history then a visit to this place is well worth the effort.

It is fascinating to read the guide lines that teachers were expected to adhere to. It must have been a difficult life style with some many rules and regulations that had to be obeyed.

This farm in now owned by the National Trust who purchased it in 1971 and opened it to the public in 1973.

The name Wonnerup comes from an aboriginal word that describes a woman’s fighting stick or digging stick.

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