Mount Chudalup Granite outcrop near Windy Harbour

grass trees on Mount Chudalup

Mount Chudalup is situated 16 km south of Northcliffe on the Windy Harbour Road.  This large granite outcrop towers over the surrounding karri forest.  The best way to see this area is to climb up Mount Chudalup. The climb can be a bit steep in places but the view when you get to the top is well worth the effort. The climb to the top is about 185 meters.

Mt Chudalup is what is known as a monadnock. The rock is surrounded by Karri and Marri trees.

Climbing Mount Chudalup

The climb to the top of this rock can be rather slippery especially if there has been recent rain or a heavy dew. Care must be taken climbing this rock and remember that the sides have steep drop offs that can be dangerous.

the Summit Walk Trail leaves from the picnic shelter at the car park then leads up through karri and Marri forest. Then it changes to peppermints, grass trees, snottygobbles (yes that is the real name of the tree), banksias and sheoaks. When you get to the granite section you will see a great diversity of the Lichens and Moss that grows on the granite rock. There are about 28 spices of Lichen, 41 spices of moss and about 6 spices of Liverwort. These are an important part of a very complex system that grows on Mount Chudalup granite rock.

From the top of  Mount Chudalup you can see for many kilometers and out to the cliffs at Windy Harbour. You can also see out to the Southern Ocean, Shannon Forest and D’Entrecasteaux National Park.



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