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Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison

The Fremantle Prison is almost in the heart of Fremantle, and you really should add a tour of this historic building to your travel plans.

As you approach the main Prison gates you start to get a feeling that this is a place you only want to visit and certainly would not want to have an extended stay at this particular “hotel”.

As foreboding as this building appears, it is still the venue for an average of 5 wedding each year. This may seem like a strange place to get married in, but I guess if the couple have relatives who came to Australia as convicts, then this may influence their decision.

The chapel in the prison is extremely well maintained and for a smaller wedding it would be ideal.

The Fremantle Prison is a reminder of the great contribution made by the convicts to building this state. Many of Perth’s historic buildings were built by the prisoners and are a display of the fine craftsmanship of these men.
The tour guides that will take you through the prison will share some amazing stories about the prison and the inmates. See the fantastic art works that are painted on the walls, the architecture and wonder how the convicts survived in these tiny prison cells.

There are several different tours, so choose the one that appeals most to your and have a very memorable day at this historic place. The Prison won the 2008 Western Australian Tourism Awards for “Major Tourist Attraction” and”Cultural and Heritage Tourism” so you can be assured of a very enjoyable visit to this historic part of Fremantle.

If you don’t want to tour the prison, but would like get into the shops, then entry to the Gatehouse, Visitor’s Center and shops are free.
Take this tour and try to imagine yourself “doing time” in this prison. How would you cope with being locked up in such a tiny cell for many hours of the day?

Listen to the guides as they explain to you how the prisoners spent their time in the exercise yards and see the works of art done by the original prisoners

Look inside the solitary confinement cells of the Fremantle Prison and think of how anyone could survive in such a place. See the gallows and the whipping posts that must have terrified the early prisoners. Some of the punishment given at the whipping post must have been unimaginably brutal and cruel.

Visit the chapel and wonder how many men and women came here for some sort of comfort and to try to get away from the problems faced in the prison.

I can certainly recommend this tour, the guides are great and entertaining. When you are inside this foreboding building, you begin to wonder how anyone could possibly escape from such a place with it’s high stone walls, gates, gun towers and razor wire.

While John Boyle O’Reilly was the only prisoner to ever escape and not be recaptured, there were other escapes, but they were soon caught and returned to the prison.

The tour guides will keep you amused with stories of these escapes and other dangerous and daring attempts at freedom.

Check out the cell of one of our most famous bush rangers “Moondyne Joe”, and see why it was regarded as escape proof.

Have a look into “death row” and you can almost still fell the fear that gripped the hearts of those who were unfortunate enough to find themselves in there.

Tour the Fremantle Prison at night and feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

The guides with have great pleasure in entertaining you with ghostly stories, so there is not much chance of you not concentrating and going to sleep on this tour.

If you believe in ghosts then you will be all the more awake as you hear some stories about things unexplainable and some that still happen today.

This tour takes you to the gallows, the whipping post, to see the solitary confinement cells and also the main block. It’s seeing these places at night that makes this tour so spooky

So I hope you are ready for anything to happen, because it probably will happen!

Fremantle Prison Tunnels Tour.

This tour has some special requirements that you must fulfill before joining and they are.

You must be over 12 years old and be physically fit. An alcohol test will also be conducted.
Please bring your own socks, but all other clothing requirements such as overalls and hard hats will be

Now that you are equipped for this adventure, lets go

Descend about 20 meters below the prison into the labyrinth of tunnels. See the artefacts left behind by the convicts as a reminder of the Hard labour that they were required to do as part of their punishment.

Then explore the submerged passages in a replica convict punt. This tour should be enough to keep us all good honest citizens not wanting to experience the same difficulties as our early prisoners. Fortunately this type of punishment no longer exists.

Come on any of the above tours and experience what life would have been like not so many years ago for the “guests” of the Fremantle Prison.

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