Busselton City Photo Gallery

Busselton Photo Gallery

Busselton is a very popular place for tourists and is reasonably close to Perth. Just a short drive south from Perth and you are in the South West and a tourist’s haven.

Busselton (affectionately known as Busso to many of the locals) is one of Western Australia’s best tourist destinations. This is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to explore the Margaret River region or one of the many world class attractions that are all very close to Busselton.

There is a large selection of accommodation in Busselton with a very wide range of styles and prices. So finding a place to stay here is easy, it just depends on what you prefer.

There is an excellent choice of resorts that are absolute beach front as well as some very comfortable caravan parks and bed and breakfast stays.

Just a few kilometers from the center of Busselton is the Port Geographe Marina. This is the place to see the many luxury boats and book a twilight sail.

Queen street is the main street in Busselton and runs south from the jetty. Here you will find the main shopping center that has all of the conveniences that you will need such as banks, supermarkets, travel agents, pharmacists, news agencies. Fig Tree Lane is only half a block away and here you can do some serious retail therapy if this is want you enjoy.

Other places of interest such as Dunsborough and Yallingup are only a very short drive away along caves road. Margaret River is only about 50 kilometers away down the Bussell Highway and will only take you about 40 minutes by car.

Busselton is perfectly situated on Geographe Bay. This Bay is a wide curve of coastline that extends from Cape Naturaliste to Bunbury. The Cape protects the bay from the rough seas of the Indian Ocean making the Bay an ideal place for recreational boaters. This Busselton Photo Gallery is just a taste of what this beautiful city has to offer.

The Bay is very shallow and this is why the Busselton Jetty was built 1.8 kilometers long. It had to be this long to accommodate large vessels coming to the area to collect timber for export.

Geographe Bay

The protected pristine waters make this a popular beach for families and is a great holiday destination. Busselton is situated almost in the middle of a 30 kilometer stretch of some of the best beaches you will find anywhere.

There is also a very good variety of accommodation to be found around Geographe Bay. And with so much to see and do in the South west of the state, this Makes Busselton the perfect choice for a holiday or a weekend away from the city.

Busselton Photo Gallery

The Busselton Jetty extends for 1.8 kilometers into the bay and was first built for exporting timber. It had to be this long as the Geographe bay is quite shallow. At the end of the jetty there is an underwater observatory that is eight meters below the sea and is recognized as one of Australia’s best artificial reefs with around 300 species of fish living under the jetty.

You can walk the length of the jetty or if this is a bit too difficult, then there is the tourist train that will take you out there and back in comfort.

Things to do around Busselton

There is so much to see and do in and around Busselton. From here you are only a short drive to places such as Dunsborough, Yallingup and Margaret River. Places well known around the world as great surfing beaches and an area where some of the world’s best wines are produced. Hopefully this Busselton Photo Gallery, and my other galleries, will encourage you to visit this beautiful area of Western Australia.

Just 240km from Perth and only 50km from Margaret River makes this town very easy to get to and the perfect place to stay for a holiday.

The foreshore near the jetty is the perfect place for a family picnic. The newly opened cycle way that goes all the way to Dunsborough, a distance of 31km, you can then work off that picnic with a great bike ride. The area is flat so riding a bicycle is not too hard.

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