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Boranup Forest

The Beautiful Boranup Forest is a magical place and should be on your list of things to see when you are in this region. The magnificent karri trees, that are the tallest trees in Western Australia, are well worth the effort to visit. If you can be there in the early morning or later in the afternoon you will see these majestic trees at their best.

The Boranup Forest is found in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and is only 20kms from Margaret River. This is where you can see the pale barked Karri trees. This area of Karri trees is a regrowth area that is over 100 years old.

If you are not in a hurry as you travel along caves road, then a slight detour onto Boranup Drive is well worth the time. This road starts just south of lakes cave and rejoins caves road about 11 km’s further down. It is a gravel road but ordinary 2 wheel drive vehicles can handle the road with ease, it is a little bumpy but otherwise no problems.

Drive Through the Beautiful Boranup Forest

On this drive you pass many magnificent karri trees and you will also find several walks in the area where you can explore even more of the forest.

This whole area was harvested for the timber about 100 years ago and the Boranup forest is a regrowth area and is a very special place in Western Australia. Some of these trees reach a height of 60 meters, they are tall and straight and very impressive. Karri trees are the third tallest tree in the world.

I have always loved these magnificent trees in the south west and like to get down there as often as possible, now that I have found the Boranup drive I almost always take that detour, drive very slowly and just enjoy the beauty of this area.

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