Disclosure Policy

The disclosure policy which follows is my attempt to fully abide by the FTC’s policy which demands that I become
transparent about every affiliate relationship I might have on this website. In plain English you, the visitors or
customer, must assume that all links on this site are generally affiliate links. The contents of this web site are produced and edited by Neil Rendell.

All comments and opinions are my own and I will always endeavour to provide my readers with honest information
on any and all topics that are discussed. As I am aiming to form a lasting relationship with all of the visitors to
this site I believe that I can only accomplish this by providing information that is helpful and honest.

Most of the services that I will recommend on this site I am affiliated with, but this will in no way affect any
comments that I make about a product or service. I will not promote any business that I feel is not providing a
reasonable service or product at a reasonable price.

Sometimes, I will mention products or services that I have not personally reviewed. A good example is when a
brand new product is being released or when it is a product from an affiliate with a track record of providing
quality products and / or has a good reputation for providing quality products within their industry.

My mission is to provide you with good quality information and access to good quality products even in instances
where I have not personally used the service. At least by being aware of the product you will have the opportunity
to make a decision for yourself.

All claims, quotes, guarantees or statistics given about a product must be verified with the manufacturer or
provider as I am not responsible for any claims made by a third party. It will always be your responsibility in
making any decisions regarding the quality or suitability of the product or service that is being provided by the
third party in question.

This disclosure policy must be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions on this web site.