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About Us

Neil and Karen RendellHello, and welcome to our web site. This About Us page is here just to give you an idea of who we are and why we have decided to build this web site. Our names are Neil and Karen Rendell and we have lived in Western Australia all of our lives. We would live nowhere else.

We love the climate (most of the time) and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Typical of Western Australia as it is in most of Australia.

We originally lived in the small country town of Corrigin. We spent the first 15 years of our married life there. then we moved to the city for our daughter Lisa’s education. Now we have retired and live in Busselton in the South West of the state.

We have three grand children; Jemma, Ryan and Tyler who are all adults now and doing their own thing. It is great to see them growing up into young adults and enjoying life.


I have always had a love of photography, but never had the time or equipment to enjoy it. With a lot of encouragement from Karen I recently “bit the bullet” and purchased a good quality digital camera. So now I have no excuse but to indulge in the two things I really enjoy. Photography and our beautiful South West corner of Western Australia.

Places like the Boranup Forest along caves road is one of my favourite sites to visit. The Karri trees are truly magnificent and the ferns in the undergrowth are amazing. More photos of Boranup forest and other places I have photographed can be seen on my other website Nelson Rendell. I have used my nick name for this site.

I have a great deal to learn about photography. But I sure do enjoy the learning and the occasional real good photo that I manage to capture.

Now that we are retired and living in Busselton my “work” will be growing this web site. And of course taking a lot more photos. I hope you enjoy my “work”, and if you do, then please return regularly. This site will steadily grow as I add more pages, and I hope a lot more photos.

I must confess that the best way to see this part of the world is to hop on a plane or train or drive down here and see it all for yourself. I hope this web site encourages you to come down to the South West. See for yourself what a beautiful part of the world it really is.

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